Verge Ag 2022 Harvest Promo

Get Total Access to Launch Pad for Harvest 2022 and Save In the Field

Unlock Your Entire Farm for Harvest 2022

We’re unlocking Launch Pad’s total planning and exporting capabilities for your entire farm, for 90 days! Zero obligation. Any farm size. No additional hardware required.

2022 Harvest Promo Pricing*: $500 → Up to 10,000 acres 

What’s Involved?

  • 90 days of unlimited access to import, analyze and explore your own fields.
  • 1 hour of technical onboarding.
  • Full export capabilities to your machine’s GPS.
  • Optimized path planning technology included.
  • No long term commitments. No termination fees.
  • Become a customer and we’ll credit your activation fee against a 1-3 year subscription.


How One Grower Boosted

Efficiency at Harvest

After adopting Launch Pad to optimize their lines in the field, one grower in Western Canada was able to gain 1.3 acres per hour, per machine at harvest. This meant a 14% increase in harvest efficiency.  

Launch Pad grower increases harvest efficiency

What You Can Expect From Launch Pad

Finish the field faster with Launch Pad

Complete field operations faster by planning the most efficient route for your equipment.

navigate obstacles with Launch Pad

Navigate obstacles, slopes and roads easily by planning before entering the field.

reduce operator error with Launch Pad

Reduce operator error and confusion by setting, and sharing, clear path plans for every field.

Limit soil compaction with Launch Pad

Limit the impact of soil compaction on yield by limiting the number of passes in your fields.

Reduce machine wear and tear with Launch Pad

Minimize time spent in equipment and machine wear-and-tear and fuel consumption.

One system for the farm with Launch Pad

Create one standardized plan for the entire farm that’s easily shareable.

Spend Less Time Making In-Field Decisions This Harvest

More about Launch Pad

Export path plans with Launch Pad

See How Launch Pad Works

Compare path plans with Launch PAd

*Offer is available to new customers only. Offer expires 90 days after activation. Once your 90 days are up, become a customer and we’ll roll your initial investment back into your subscription. No commitment. No termination fee. Full access to Launch Pad features. No acre limits. Offer available to residents in Canada and the USA. Weather impacts may affect results. Offer ends 11:59PM MT on September 16, 2022.

From the Farm: How Launch Pad Saves Time & Money

Read how this Western Canadian grower saved $67,000 at harvest alone.

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The Value of Path Planning: Grower Edition

Is your equipment following the most efficient route in the field? Here’s how to find out.

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Reveal Greater Profit in Every Acre

Here are a few ways you can leverage Launch Pad on the farm - any field size, no additional hardware needed.

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