Accelerating the transition from traditional to autonomous farming.

Verge is playing a key role in pushing the boundaries of traditional farming practices though enabled, optimized and autonomous farming operations, all while staying focused on keeping the grower connected to the land.

Using our technology, we have created successful software solutions for:

Labour shortages

A lack of skilled manpower in key regions around the world has created an urgent need for technology to create efficiencies that can reduce time spent on operations.

Machinery productivity

There is a greater need to run more efficiently than ever, in order to reduce wasted production and excess resource usage.

Soil degradation

Inefficient and unnecessary operations lead to increased tillage and mechanical compaction, both of which continue to reduce the productive capacity of our land while increasing the environmental footprint of production.

All of these foreseeable challenges must be addressed in order to produce our food smarter, faster and more sustainably. Verge is continuously building the ecosystems and tools that will help to address production challenges around the world.

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Ryan Johnson

President & CEO


Chief Technology Officer

Wilson Acton

Chief Commercial Officer

We are a team of entrepreneurs, rocket scientists, programmers, farmers, data scientists and deal-makers whose mission is to fundamentally reshape how we produce food by using technology, data and artificial intelligence to drive profitability and sustainability in agriculture. With a firm foundation in technological solutions and deep roots in agriculture, we believe in extremely simple solutions that help our partners produce more, sustainably.


Jamie Charlton

Verge is changing the landscape of agriculture in the area of operational movement and path planning as a real economic savings. I enjoy connecting with growers from different countries and regions about their diverse farm operations and take pride in supporting them through each step of the adoption and implementation process. The most rewarding part is when a customer sees the positive results from trusting the change and its impact on their overall operation.

Jamie Charlton
Area Sales Manager

Lyndsay Barch

The thing I enjoy most at Verge is the optimism within the team. Internally we work together to achieve insane goals. This forward thinking approach is what keeps me motivated. Knowing that teammates are willing to help and go above and beyond to complete a task is refreshing. I both believe in the company and our mission to helps others (farmers) maximize their time and money. It's extremely rewarding!

Lyndsay Barch
Marketing Manager

Karla Ginter

Verge is growing and changing all of the time and there is never a dull moment. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and focused on growth, with a lot of fun. I look forward to coming to work each day knowing that each member of the team is listened to and valued. Verge is more than just a company or a job for me - it’s a business that I believe in and I’m thankful for the support I have been given here to grow my career.

Karla Ginter
Corporate Controller

Nudrat Majid

The best part of working for Verge is the friendly and brilliant people that have a shared dedication to introducing modern and advanced technology to the world of agriculture. Our executives are always approachable, support excellent work-life balance, and to top it off, we share a beautiful and open office space!

Nudrat Majid
Customer Success Manager

Keegan Osler

Verge is a truly exciting project that pushes the limits of agriculture technology and allows us as developers to challenge our strengths and knowledge-base. It’s invigorating, educational and fun to be working on something that has the ability to impact a global industry. This project has brought many very talented people together and I am very excited for the future here.

Keegan Osler
Software Developer