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Path Planner™

Plan Your Perfect Guidance Line

Our web application allows growers to pre-plan their ideal equipment paths. Regardless of size, shape, complexity, or topography within a field.  With Path Planner, you can plan and prescribe operations from seeding through to harvest. 

Having a plan reduces in field decisions leading to stress free execution.
showcase image of Verge Launch pad Path Planning, inputs, and results
Stylized image of Equipment Explorer , input parameters and results
Equipment Explorer™

Equipment performance on your fields

Equipment Explorer takes field-level insights derived from Path Planner and consolidates it for the entire farm. Empowering users to optimize their fleet by matching the size and functionality of OEM products to the scope and complexity of a farming operation.
Combine harvester wheat field

Increase Efficiency

Save time and costs associated with field operations. Reduce the travel in field, and maximize coverage.
winter wheat field

Reduced Input Costs

Improved planning of operations leads to reducing the number of overlapping passes, optimized use of inputs, and reduced fuel usage.
Sprayers in crop

Machine Utilization

Increase the working time of farm equipment, while reducing idle time. Get more out of your equipment with preplanned paths and guidance lines.

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