Feature Release: Satellite Generated Boundaries

11 Oct 2023 1:22 PM By AJ

This new and exciting feature of Launch Pad has been developed so users can quickly experience the benefits of Path Planner and Equipment Explorer on their fields. This will allows new and existing users to experiment with boundaries that closely represent their actual fields, without having to draw each one individually. 

No Barriers to Entry

One of the biggest barriers to entry for ag tech software is their reliance on field boundaries. There is good reason for this. How do you tell the software “this is my farm”. This problem is generally solved by a complex system of mapping, data extraction, shape files, downloads, uploads, and potentially usb sticks. This is the path that a user must go through if they want the most accurate boundaries that you can have. RTK anyone? Now what if you just want to try the software and see how it fits into your farm? Does it solve your problems? Will you love it? If the first step in the process is super complex and time consuming why start? This is the main problem we wanted to tackle with our new feature. 

Using Satellite generated boundaries, within a few moments you can quickly and easily tell our software. “This is my farm”. 

No Access to Customer Boundaries

If you have made it this far and you are a trusted advisor for a farm operation you may be thinking: “ how does this benefit me?” Well the story painted around getting boundaries from a customer is one that and precision ag specialist or agronomist is intimately familiar. I’m a lot of cases they actually take on the work of mapping boundaries themselves, for a fee. 

With the select boundaries feature you can quickly establish field area and showcase to clients what potential changes might mean. I also forgot to mention that you can also leverage other Launch Pad features to help your clients make decisions. This could be a high value equipment purchase decision with Equipment Explorer, or a collaboration piece to help a grower understand new strategies for in field logistics. 

Land Leases and Farm Expansion

Now what if you are an existing user of Launch Pad and have already realized some of the benefits of our ecosystem? One area where Satellite Generated Boundaries can shine is in the evaluation of expansion.  Is there a parcel of land coming up for lease next growing season? Do you really want to purchase that field next yours? What about high impact decisions like; if I do lease that land do I have enough capacity to actually hit my windows? Do I have the right equipment? Do I need more help? 

With the select boundary feature you can experiment with new fields, old fields, and everything in between. Want to compare your farm to the Neighbor? 

Log in today, and see how selectable boundaries can benefit your off season planning.