Stylized image of Equipment Explorer , input parameters and results

Equipment Explorerâ„¢

​Simulate equipment performance on actual fields. Help growers and trusted advisors make informed purchase decisions.  

Equipment Analysis

Compare your equipment versus prospective equipment. 

Adjust parameters such as:
  • Equipment Model
  • Working Width
  • Operating Speed
  • Turn Speed
  • GPS Accuracy
  • *Number of Sections (Coming Soon)
Harvest Planned to Perfection

Accurate Estimates

Leveraging Path Planner data to generate accurate estimates. Using these calculations, Equipment Explorers help growers and trusted advisors make informed purchase decisions.
Harvest Planned to Perfection

Compare Equipment Performance

Engage clients by showcasing improved equipment models, highlighting benefits like increased efficiency (e.g., larger or more precise). Equipment Explorer compares key factors like track usage, operation time, distance traveled, and fuel consumption for clients' fields based on equipment type. Demonstrate how higher accomplishment rates in Launch Pad enable farmers to operate more acres with existing equipment or maintain coverage with a smaller machinery lineup.