Feature Release: Equipment Explorer™ Section Control

18 Oct 2023 1:07 PM By Bree McSorley

Equipment Explorer: Section Control Simulations

Equipment Explorer section control simulations utilize Path Planner™ to create an ideal field coverage plan for every field and equipment being compared.

Do you know how much seed, fertilizer and pesticide can be saved on your farm by increasing the number of sections on your equipment? Now available in Launch PadEquipment Explorer section control calculations allow you to do just that. 

Quickly simulate the savings of adding sections to a seeder, planter,  spreader and sprayer, all the way up to individual nozzle or row control, on your customers actual fields.

How Does Equipment Explorer Simulate the Savings

Equipment Explorer™ utilizes our proprietary path planning algorithms to assess each field relative to the operating width of the equipment.  The result is a precision heading that aligns to the longest straightest edge of the field, for every field on your farm.  These path plans model all of the headland passes, obstacle headland passes, and interior straight tracks needed to completely cover a field. In fact, Launch Pad’s Path Planner tool is used to prescribe guidance on millions of acres globally each year, and planned coverage is a big part of the planning process.

The Planned Coverage Tool models the area where the inner tracks and headland passes intersect. To insure full coverage of a field, these intersections will cause areas of double coverage, commonly known as overlap. In many fields, boundary edges are not perfectly straight, and fields are not perfectly square. This compounds the amount of overlap needed to fully cover a field when the boundary edge has additional complexity. 

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Equipment Explorer now includes these capabilities for use in your scenario. Simply include the number of sections as a parameter. The application intuitively calculates the effective width of each section and accounts for this for every pass. 

With Equipment Explorer its as simple as; one, two, three.

Section Comparison

Select Your Farm

Filter to your Organization, Grower, Farm. 

Select Organization

Enter the Number of Sections

Add the "Number of Sections" parameter to your scenario, and enter the number of sections for each piece of equipment. 

Number Of Sections


Press the "Calculate" button to see the detailed results of your scenario.


What does this mean for you?

It's common sense that a 90 ft sprayer with individual nozzle control will result in far less overlap than a 120 ft sprayer with 12 sections.  Equipment Explorer™ brings in a farm's actual fields to show how section control technology saves money on their farming operation. 

Are you looking to purchase new equipment and want to know how much sectional control can save you? How many acres of overlap do you save? How much money can you save in wasted crop inputs? Are you looking to upgrade from section to individual row control? Answer these questions and more with Equipment Explorer. 

"Don’t assume. Don't Guess. "

Help your customers make the most informed purchase decision possible.