For those looking to see what Launch Pad has to offer

Path Planner

Equipment Explorer

  • Unlimited Draft Plans
  • 5 Saved Path Plans
  • Farm & Equipment Database


For individual growers seeking enhanced efficiency and ease on their entire farm

Path Planner

  • Unlimited* Saved Path Plans
  • Unlimited* Export of Plans
  • Plan Comparison
  • Collaboration tools
  • Land Management


For  those who want to add advanced optimization parameters to their path planning arsenal

Path Planner

Everything Core +
  • Terrain Based Path Planning 
  • Terrain and Slope Evaluation

Let's Talk!

For Enterprise and Dealership users looking to leverage the Launch Pad suite of tools in an enterprise level organization

Path Planner

Equipment Explorer

  • Unlimited* Saved Path Plans
  • Unlimited* Shares and Exports
  • Unlimited Equipment Scenarios and shares
  • Land Management
  • Terrain and Slope Elevation  

Pricing not available in Latin America. For more information please contact.

*Subject to limitation based on total field boundary area