Interactive Field and Equipment
Planning At Its Finest

Launch Pad™ is HOW Farming Happens


We accelerate the transition to autonomous farming. Our platform, Launch Pad, simplifies farm planning to reduce in-field decision making.

We enable you to simulate and evaluate the movement of equipment in your fields and execute operations efficiently.

What is Path Planning?

The creation of an optimal path that guides farm equipment to completely cover a field while avoiding all known obstacles.

Launch Pad™ 
Path Planner™
Our interactive and intuitive web application, developed to help growers plan their farm operations. This combines interactive path planning simulations with geospatial intelligence that considers each field’s unique shape, obstacles, and topography.

We allow growers to consider potential scenarios when planning their farm operations. This fundamentally transforms what was once a random decision by the operator in the field into a controlled, programmed plan.

Launch Pad™
Equipment Explorer™
Equipment Explorer takes field-level insights derived from Path Planning and consolidates it for the entire farm. Empowering users to customize their fleet by matching the size and functionality of OEM products to the scope and complexity of a farming operation.

Equipment Explorer enables equipment dealers to confidently and accurately showcase the operational and financial impacts of their products on their customers’ actual fields across any operation. Improving credibility and reducing deal turnaround time.

The team at Verge are the first ones to develop a truly interactive web application that integrates all the complexities of path planning in an accessible way to drive farmer adoption.

Clay Mitchell

Managing Director, Fall Line Capital

The team at Verge Ag and their Launch Pad software were right on the mark and so bringing our businesses together made perfect sense.


Director and Founder, Tecgraf

The first adoption of Digital Ag should be Path Planning. Launch Pad does just that.

Neil Wagner

AMR, CCA, Richardson Farms

Launch Pad™
Export to any oem display
Path plans created in Launch Pad can be exported to a variety of OEM display formats. They include John Deere, Case, New Holland, Trimble, Raven, and universal ISOXML.

Users can export all tracks, headlands, field boundaries, section control boundaries, and AB lines. Easily load these exports in the display for all equipment and reduce in-field decision making.


Increase Efficiency

Save time and costs associated with field operations. Reduce the travel in field, maximize coverage, and increase efficiency

Reduce Input Costs

Improved planning of operations leads to reducing the number of overlapping passes and optimized use of input and fuel.



Machine Utilization

Increase the equipment working utilization rate, reduce transport and idle time. Get more out of the equipment with preplanned paths.

Interactive Field and Equipment
Planning At its Finest

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