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The power of data: how real-time information assists farmers in making agronomic decisions and optimizes return on investment.


Countless variables contribute to high crop yields; with the use of more digital technology in the field, many farmers are able to make informed decisions about their field to maximize crop yield. In this way, precision agriculture is a valuable tool in a farmer’s arsenal, one that optimizes return on investment throughout the seasons.


Using remote sensors and on-farm data, farmers can maximize resources, deploying seeds, fertilizer, water and nutrients only when needed. Advancing agritech equips operators with real-time data that answers pivotal questions when making management decisions.


Take soil moisture for example. 


Digital sensors are deployed on farms of various scales to provide a broad snapshot of soil moisture and further insight into what moisture will be available for the crop yield. 


But getting from collecting data to making productive decisions on-farm isn’t as simple. Traditionally, field crop information is collected and analyzed over time to provide the foundation for yield management from season to season. In many cases, information from monitoring networks provides insight on related fields, but variability between fields can leave farmers with information that only paints a part of the picture. With the introduction of moisture probes, however, farmers can make well-informed decisions in real-time with real-time information from their own fields.


Soil moisture technology is able to measure many factors that influence moisture levels at 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 centimetres. Field Connect collects data from various field stations on crop available water and water-driven yield potential. Data includes soil moisture down to 100 centimetres, rainfall, air temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation and growing degree days. 


Soil moisture data is only useful if you know what to do with it, however. Insightful data from Field Connect is collected by CropIntel and interpreted by independent agronomists to assist growers with understanding the data and making informed agronomic decisions.  With this technology, growers are able to fine-tune crops during the short windows of time when decisions make the biggest difference. 


The real value of this data: you become an expert on soil moisture and health in your own fields.


Agritech as an answer to soil erosion.


Where data sets the foundation for key decisions, Launch Pad optimizes machinery movement and increases productivity. Combined with the insightful field data, the web based application allows farmers to pre-plan machinery movement to reduce soil erosion, compaction and unnecessary passes. 


Topography insights in Launch Pad help growers understand the ebbs and flows of their fields, to help decide on the direction of travel and the angle of the header. Not only does this deliver optimized short-term results within the season, but it also improves the long-term health of the soil.


Productivity matters.


Increased production isn’t the only metric that matters to field operations. Launch Pad gives farmers the ability to simply tweak, compare and plan future production cycles all in one easy-to-use platform. Using Path Planning, Growing Season Analysis and Field Slope Insight, growers and landowners can analyze the impact of in-field machinery on the land and have an opportunity to improve financial return on investment by reducing soil degradation and equipment wear-and-tear. 

Stay ahead of the curve with actionable, real-time data and improve the financial return on your assets. Learn more about the power of precision agriculture at



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