We welcome you to explore our Coffee Chat Series Archive below. We are fortunate to have had Financial Specialists, Ag Advisors, Agronomists, Investors, Farmers, Distributors and Dealers join us to chit-chat about topics such as farm management, farm finances, inputs and outputs, seasonality, topography and the specifics of farming in different regions, farm innovation and technology, improving farm logistics and infield communication efforts, time savings, what’s happening around the world, seeding, spraying, harvest and many more.

Watch Episodes:

Low Adoption Rates, Consolidations & Quantifying the Value of Agtech

Part I: Stuart joins Verge’s CGO, Wilson to chat about: Why adoption rates in Agtech are so low, consolidations such as the recent purchase of Raven by CNH and how to quantify the value of using Agtech advancements on the farm.

Equipment Costs, Fleet & Finance and Agtech on the Farm

Farmer, CPA and founder of Hebert Grain Ventures, Kristjan Hebert chats with us about: The nuances in new vs. used equipment, right-sizing fleet to land base, finances and fleet and farmtech adoption.

AgTech as an “Experience” and How it’s Impacting Decision Making on the Farm

AGvisorPRO’s Founder & CEO, Rob Saik chats with Wilson Acton, CGO at Verge about: Where the pinch points are to using agtech, Constraints, The need for system integrators, How agriculture is NOT resistant to change, what we’re seeing re: Agtech Innovation and more…

Solutions to Soil Compaction

How soil compaction impacts yields, growth year over year and the importance of path planning. Why you should optimize routes, analyze data and pre-plan your farm operation.

The Impact of using Precision Technology on the Farm

Software application technology and its value to farmers running multi-machine operations. The importance of planning and managing a fluid, synchronized operation and its impacts on long term efficiencies.

The impact of TIMING on Overall Farm Profitability

This week’s feature is about how seeding dates impact crop cycles, the difference management makes with getting equipment ready, getting in the field on time and when to purchase crop inputs. Strategies around timing means spreading the risk out. 

Mental Health and Farming with Rod Pedersen

Farming is demanding. We get that. So, how do we remove the stigmas around asking for help when we’re feeling the pressure? This week we’ve invited Certified Recovery Coach, Rod Pedersen to share his story.

It’s Dry and Canola is at $12. Now What?

Tackling the “risks” famers take every year and to explore new ideas around the way we think about dry soils, soil compaction and the value of path planning.

Farming: Optimizing Planting in the Mid-West

Join us as we discuss the benefits of preplanning for spring seeding or planting. Tools you can use to help alleviate the stress during each stage of the production cycle…and more.

Traceability, “Everyone Likes a Story behind the Food they Eat”.

MNP SVP of Agriculture, Stuart Person and TrustBIX CIEO, Deborah Wilson meet with Verge to discuss Traceability, Digitization and the role it will play in the very near future for producers.

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