Maximize Your Productivity with Launch Pad.

Launch Pad allows you to manage your entire farming operation, all in one place. It’s a digital interface that houses your fields, your equipment, as well as, additional features specific to your farm.

Launch Pad serves as a digital hub that encompasses your fields, equipment, as well as, additional features specific to your farm. As an operator, Launch Pad’s insights allow you to create more productive route plans, reduce your overall operational costs and fully maximize your time. In addition, Launch Pad also provides you with the ability to evaluate plans for an entire growing season, send any series of plans to your equipment, and send single routes to your fields.

Launch Pad is the next step in the digital revolution towards optimized agriculture, and will offer:

FREE Access to:

  • Your field maps
  • Field comparison tools
  • In-depth views for optimized field paths
  • The ability to customize and visualize field routes

Easy Integration

Launch Pad works effortlessly within a multitude of OEM systems.*

A seamless field map pushes to your equipment

First Pass users can send their path plans and field routes to their equipment in real time, almost instantly.

 It’s robust, it’s accurate, it’s custom and it serves as a link between digital optimization and real-world agricultural process.

Launch Pad: The next step in farm optimization
Explore snapshots of the Launch Pad interface, coming 2020.

*Must be a First Pass customer. Registration is easy. John Deere customers will have access to full integration of their machinery. Limited integration in other OEMs. Contact Verge for more details. Verge is continually upgrading features in all equipment types.

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