Fully Integrated with John Deere Operations Centre

Connect your John Deere Operations Centre account with Launch Pad to automatically import in your, organizations, clients, farms, fields and boundaries for use with our path planning tool.
Use our web application to create a path plan, based on our proprietary optimization algorithms, that minimizes economic and environmental costs while maximizing field efficiency.
Export optimal path plans or guidance lines to Land Manager in your John Deere Operations Center for further integration with setup files that can be wirelessly transferred to the machines.

Are you a John Deere Dealer?

Optimize field operations, visualize path plans, and maximize productivity. Link to John Deere Operations Center.

From the Farm: How Launch Pad Saves Time & Money

Read how this Western Canadian grower saved $67,000 at harvest alone.

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The Value of Path Planning: Grower Edition

Is your equipment following the most efficient route in the field? Here’s how to find out.

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Reveal Greater Profit in Every Acre

Here are a few ways you can leverage Launch Pad on the farm - any field size, no additional hardware needed.

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