There has been a lot of chatter lately around farming and ranching and its essential nature to society.  Many suggest that the current COVID-crisis has helped the general consumer’s understanding of the importance of our food supply chains and the primary producers which are the foundation.  The designation of the businesses that contribute to the food supply chain as essential services alongside healthcare and utilities seems like an odd understatement. It’s also a very important statement.

A driving principal of our business is to help our customers, who we think of as our neighbors, accomplish more while spending less.  In other words, help improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall sustainability, both financial and environmental, of our food supply and the producers that grow it.  We do this by working directly with farmers, as well as, input retailers and equipment dealerships to develop and provide world-leading advanced technologies to optimize your in-field operations.

We sometimes get the questions of “what exactly do you do?” or “I don’t know what that means”.  In a sentence, we reduce your costs and increase your productivity by optimizing the routes that your equipment travels as you work through your fields.  First Pass is the name of our in-field route optimization tool.  Launch Pad,  released mid April 2020, allows growers to simulate, visualize and modify their optimized in-field path plans across all of their fields for an entire season while also comparing against the operations of a past season.

The world is looking to the agriculture community to keep supply chains running, and people fed. While it goes without saying that each and every one of us intends to do exactly that, the Verge family is building the tools that will allow for this. Allow you to plant more in a day and better utilize precious windows of weather for spraying and harvesting, all while reducing fuel and inputs, reducing compaction and minimizing wear on your equipment. It has never been more imperative that we embrace digital tools that will allow all of us to do more, with less, which is precisely what we are being called on to do in these trying times.

We are honored and humbled to be part of the essential service of agricultural production.  We are farmers too and have lived the commodity price cycles, weather events and trade wars.  To the point where a pandemic seems like just one more thing. That level headed and steadfast determination to continue to feed the world is exactly why we will continue to use our skills as rocket scientists, engineers, physics nerds, math geeks and optimization junkies with steadfast determination to try to ensure this year is better than the last.  And next year is better than this one.

We are in this together. Call or email us today as we would love to work alongside you in your fields to deliver what has always been an essential service, regardless of a pandemic.

The Verge Team

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