Press Release: Canadian ag-tech firm considered world leaders in precision agriculture.


[Calgary, Alberta] Verge Ag today announced an agreement with Australia’s, DataFarming to become the exclusive distributor of Launch Pad: a web application that helps broad acre farmers to optimize field operations, visualize path plans, and maximize productivity. Fuelled by their First Pass algorithm, Launch Pad uses movement and machinery data to optimize the machinery operations to ensure the most efficient travel path for all machines in a field and between fields, saving farmers time and money, while reducing labour costs, soil compaction and their overall carbon footprint.

“We couldn’t be happier to establish ourselves in Australia alongside the DataFarming team,” says Wilson Acton, Chief Commercial Officer at Verge. “We believe the movement and coordination of all equipment on the farm starts by optimizing the operations in the paddock and requires a solution that is not tied to any one brand. Our interface, Launch Pad, powered by our First Pass optimization engine, ensures that the right equipment is always at the right place, at the right time. By providing optimal starting points, paired with predefined path plans, producers are now able to optimize their entire farming operation. We are ecstatic to be working with DataFarming in providing market leading solutions for growers in Australia. We believe this is only the first step in elevating the future of precision agriculture.”


The Launch Pad application allows growers to:

  • Adjust critical parameters and create route plans that minimize the economic and environmental costs, analyze equipment fit, better manage equipment fleets and benchmark against past performance
  • Compare path plans from previous years, and current growing seasons and operations


“Launch Pad is a great new tool to look at the most efficient run line direction for each paddock; examining the number of turns and the total distance driven, whilst considering other factors like getting an even number of runs,” says Tim Neale, Managing Director for DataFarming. “You can actually determine the most effective run line for each operation, from seeding, spraying, and harvest – or a combination of all three.”




About Verge: Launch Pad from Verge will be available from DataFarming starting Oct 1st, 2020. For more information on Verge, Launch Pad and the First Pass algorithm,


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