GPS and auto-steer technology have been a game changer for grain farming. Even though GPS makes life easier, does it truly optimize field routes?

Sadly, it does not.

Many GPS systems contain a guidance line feature. However, they do not provide OPTIMIZED guidance lines and many do not sync across all of your machines in the field, at the same time.
Human-designed field routes will always leave room for improvement and savings, even with GPS advancements in the cab. That’s because it only tells you point A to B, not if the AB line, is the most optimal, efficient way to move through your field or how that AB line may impact future operations.

First Pass supercharges your GPS

What does an extra pass through a field really cost you? Think of the fuel, time, labour cost, and machinery wear and tear over the hundreds of miles your equipment travels every year. Multiply that over 5 years with a growing land base, and suddenly an extra pass, slight overspray, or half-line with the combine doesn’t seem so small after all.

All of those losses add up, and they are the reason why we created First Pass.

Our proprietary process and algorithms provide a better set of guidance lines that you can input into your GPS to get the best of your equipment’s features and the best of First Pass.

We don’t replace your GPS, First Pass makes your GPS better.

GPS – optimization = lost time & revenue

All of the data to eliminate extra passes is already sitting in your equipment ready to use. First Pass merely takes that data, and creates truly optimized field routes, completely eliminating guesswork, thereby helping you run your equipment more efficiently.

We save you real money by reducing fuel, inputs (seed, fertilizer, chemical), wear and tear on the machines and labour costs, but the most important thing we save is time – the one thing you can’t buy.

By reducing the number of passes in each field and streamlining much of the organization around running multiple machines in the same field together, you’re able to get more done in the same amount of time. After operating across almost 3 million acres with a variety of operators and field types, we found that EACH machine adds an average of 2 passes in EACH field. We have received feedback from some of our growers using First Pass that their machine production has increased 10%-15% compared to the same machines without First Pass. This all adds up to getting more done in tight timing windows or having capacity to expand your operation without additional equipment.


The best part? It’s easy to use and easier to install.

Once you become a First Pass subscriber, you can start receiving optimized field routes in no time. Integrating First Pass into your operation is seamless. From an operator’s perspective, you will see virtually no difference in how you utilize your GPS assisted steering systems prior to First Pass. Because our optimized guidance packages are inputted into your existing GPS system, your ease of use should be the same as using randomly selected AB lines.

The results are real, and so are the savings.

Our team is ready to help you start running First Pass today and answer all of your questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us to start optimizing your operation today.

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