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Every January there are plenty of things to do; grain to haul, planting decisions to be made, and for many expanding farms, new equipment to price and purchase.

When buying new machinery, farmers hope to see added efficiencies and more productivity in return for their large investment. This is why new equipment should be greeted with new precision agriculture tools from Verge to help you reduce stress and unnecessary labour by pre-planning for the coming season.


Start 2021 off on the right track

Installing and running Launch Pad in tandem with new machinery is the easiest path to total integration. This way, by the time spring arrives, you and your operators’ understanding of Verge’s farm logistics software will be second nature.

Launch Pad  not only gives you the most optimal field routes, it also allows you to view, configure, compare and analyze the movement of machinery in the field from current and past seasons. This means that you can use 2020 data (and all data from previous years stored in your machines) to help plan seeding, spraying, and combining in 2021. Using Launch Pad means that you can plan your operations well in advance, months before ever pulling your equipment into the field. 

It doesn’t matter if you are seeding, spraying or harvesting. It doesn’t matter what machine type, header size or the size of the drill you are using, or even the type of in-field movements you prefer, Launch Pad allows you to tweak and alter direction as you see fit, allowing for a completely customized and optimized farm path plan.

Implementing Launch Pad alongside new equipment also creates good habits early on. Every operator has specific things they do from sheer muscle memory when using familiar equipment, which can create an extra learning curve when implementing path planning tools midway through the season. Starting your Launch Pad journey with new equipment means that there are fewer old habits to break and a much higher likelihood of the system being fully utilized.


“We pride ourselves on being great at what we do. We knew that our in-field management in previous years was always good; but using Launch Pad to plan our operations during harvest this year took us from good to exceptional.”

– Janel Delage (Delage Farms, Indian Head, Saskatchewan)


Become a User in 2021 

Simply go to, click “Sign-up” and within seconds you’ll have access to demo fields and the opportunity to plan and play with up to five of your own. John Deere users can easily pull boundaries through Verge’s integration with John Deere Operations Center. Shape files are also acceptable to upload if you are using Case or alternate OEM’s. Once set up, your fields will populate on the screen of your desktop and you’re ready to start your field planning experience!


New Year, New (lower) Pricing 

If you need any further reason to install Launch Pad at the outset of the 2021 crop year, we are offering up value-based pricing solutions for 2021. We invite you to try Launch Pad for a 30 day free trial, with introductory pricing starting at $0.50 per acre. It has never been easier or more affordable to implement precision path planning tools across your entire operation.

Installing Launch Pad today allows you to remain ahead of the curve by maximizing every acre on your farm. Make 2021 about working smarter; not harder!

If you are firing up new equipment in 2021, let’s get in touch. Our representatives will not only show you how easy it is to install and operate Launch Pad, but also how optimized guidance lines can save you time and money while reducing soil compaction and wear and tear on equipment. Contact us today to start your journey.

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