Help us drive sustainable practices in the agriculture industry. How? By onboarding early adopters and successfully helping farmers save money by improving the movement of their equipment in the field. 

Using a series of topography and elevation maps paired with farm data already stored in each machine; our software optimizes farm equipment by improving communication between machines and operators, as well as, reduces unnecessary travel. All factors that contribute to compounding savings during each step of the production cycle. These sets of optimized lines are custom designed for each farm, easily integrate into modern day GPS systems and require no extra hardware. Our model has been developed to support farms of all sizes using any brand(s) of equipment.


Increase Engaged Acres

Our custom software is built to analyze every acre, every turn and every pass. We’ve been helping farmers maximize their current fleet and expand their farms without adding additional equipment. This way, they can focus on feeding an ever growing population.




Provide Added Value

We strive to improve performance in the field. With all operators sharing one set of guidance lines, our software has helped customers eliminate confusion in the field, improve accuracy to reduce input costs, minimize soil compaction and best of all, is getting them in and out of the field faster.


Outpace Competitors

Statistics show that the agriculture industry is still in the early stages of adopting precision ag technology. Start building longterm relationships with farmers before anyone else by simply investing your time in understanding what their farm and family needs.

Early Adoption

Our software considers data stored in each machine, geospatial satellite imagery from our data centre and complex algorithms to produce the ultimate solution to digital farming. As sophisticated as it is, it’s simple to use, allowing farmers to quickly become early adopters. Join us in driving sustainable practices as the ag industry shifts to autonomous farming.

OUR current partners

Neil Wagner

"Operations always trumps Agronomy". Following Agronomic practices can be complex with a lot of correlations required to monetize the benefits, but anybody who sits in the seat of a piece of equipment grasps the concept of path planning and how it benefits operations.  The first adoption of Digital Ag should be Path Planning. Launch Pad does just that.

Neil Wagner
AMR, CCA at Richardson Farms

Clay Mitchell

Path planning for agricultural field operations is a core activity that has a major impact on minimizing economic (fuel, inputs, and time) and environmental (emissions, soil erosion, and water run-off) costs for the farmer. The team at Verge are the first ones to develop a truly interactive web application that integrates all the complexities of path planning in an accessible way to drive farmer adoption. We believe this will be game changing for farmers.

Clay Mitchell
Managing Director of Fall Line Capital

Tecgraf Testi

As we looked to continue to grow with our customers and meet their evolving needs beyond our traditional markets of sugarcane and rice, we saw the need for a planning tool that was more intuitive and agile for the farmers. The team at Verge Ag and their Launch Pad software were right on the mark and so bringing our businesses together made perfect sense.

Director & Founder of Tecgraf

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Path planning and route optimization can appear to be an incremental improvement on traditional in-field practices. Traditionally, growers have used mechanical means and years of practice to minimize overlap and other field inefficiencies.

From the Farm: How Launch Pad Saves Time & Money

Read how this Western Canadian grower saved $67,000 at harvest alone.

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The Value of Path Planning: Grower Edition

Is your equipment following the most efficient route in the field? Here’s how to find out.

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Reveal Greater Profit in Every Acre

Here are a few ways you can leverage Launch Pad on the farm - any field size, no additional hardware needed.

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