As technology continues to transform all types of industries, there’s been an increasing trend in the adoption rate among those involved in the agriculture community. The second Green Revolution is happening now, and in this three-part series we’ll discuss the boom of agriculture technology driven by the growing need at the farm level to save money and time without added complexity.

AgTech is transforming agriculture before our eyes and is delivering real value on the farm. Data backup services and cloud services are more common place and of an increased importance than ever before. Adoption of AgTech is also producing more data and driving the need to have better networks and reliable information technology services to handle that data. The protection that comes with data back-up support and the flexibility of cloud services for sharing information within your enterprise removes many of the risks within today’s digital world.

Technology innovations are significantly impacting farmers, allowing them to make better decisions with data driven platforms. In today’s world, business value is increasingly coming from what we can connect to and the information we can access. Whipcord’s First Pass, back up and cloud services are empowering the digital transformation of agriculture by ensuring access to critical information across an entire operation and providing a quantifiable ROI for the business.

Technology Products in Farming

Technology helps farmers make better decisions when it comes to sustainability and profitability. Farmers are frequently working with thin margins and trying to manage many risks. The result is demand for solutions that provide real returns to the business.

Cost savings can be the difference between a profitable crop and hoping for a better outcome next year. Early technologies brought great navigation advancements to machinery such as Autosteer. Since that time, many new technologies focused on agronomics and have ignored the potential costs savings around the massive capital investment required in machinery. First Pass by Whipcord has a proven track-record helping farmers save money and be more productive by optimizing machinery usage and travel: Drive Less. Spend Less.

At Whipcord, we have decades of farm experience, and along with our expertise in IT, we are uniquely positioned to provide farmers access to the technology they demand. We approach a farm as we believe it should be approached – a business customer with unique and important challenges. At Whipcord, we look to help our agricultural customers grow their businesses through harnessing the potential of many different technological tools.

Location is one of the most important factors to weigh when considering technology services and Whipcord’s Lethbridge, AB, data centre is in your backyard providing innovative solutions for critical business problems. We provide resilient, reliable and secure colocation and cloud infrastructure as well as IT risk management, with geo-diverse backup and replication products.

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