Our precision technology is focused on streamlining the operations of the connected farm of the future.

Verge strives to eliminate field dilemmas by using historical data from your machines, artificial intelligence combined with real in-field testing processes. This allows our team to build solutions to truly optimize the flow of machinery throughout the farm and allows producers to do more, with less.

The first of its kind – An interactive geospatial web-based platform developed to help growers manage all of their farm operations in one place.

  • Optimize field operations
  • Visualize, analyze and compare path plans
  • Maximize productivity and profit


Our First Pass algorithm helps to optimized path planning which allows producers to drive less and spend less.

  • Fast integration into machinery display
  • Increase profitability & productivity
  • Reduced soil compaction


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What our partners
are saying

Clay Mitchell

Path planning for agricultural field operations is a core activity that has a major impact on minimizing economic (fuel, inputs, and time) and environmental (emissions, soil erosion, and water run-off) costs for the farmer. The team at Verge are the first ones to develop a truly interactive web application that integrates all the complexities of path planning in an accessible way to drive farmer adoption. We believe this will be game changing for farmers.

Clay Mitchell
Managing Director of Fall Line Capital

Tecgraf Testi

As we looked to continue to grow with our customers and meet their evolving needs beyond our traditional markets of sugarcane and rice, we saw the need for a planning tool that was more intuitive and agile for the farmers. The team at Verge Ag and their Launch Pad software were right on the mark and so bringing our businesses together made perfect sense.

Director & Founder of Tecgraf

Janel Delage

We pride ourselves on being great at what we do. We knew that our in-field management in previous years was always good; but using Launch Pad to plan our operations during harvest this year took us from good to exceptional.”

Janel Delage
Vice President at Delage Farms

Kristjan Hebert

I will no longer farm without Launch Pad. Full stop. We pride ourselves on running a tight operation and being very efficient with our units. We didn’t even realize how much more productive our machinery could be.

Kristjan Hebert
Managing Partner at Hebert Grain Ventures

Matt Coutts

It’s the most cost efficient tech/software product since auto-steer. The experience with Launch Pad has increased our efficiency, flow and organization. Our 10 combines line up every time and our cost savings and time management was beyond our expectations.

Matt Coutts
CIO at Coutts Agro