Launch Pad is the only interactive planning experience ever made. It simplifies farm planning to reduce in-field decision making.

Why choose Launch Pad?

Every field. Any brand of equipment. Launch Pad is the only online mapping tool that helps you easily uncover greater operational and production potential from every field you farm. Launch Pad combines interactive field mapping simulations with geospatial intelligence that recognizes each field’s unique shape, topography and obstacles. Before you climb into the cab, compare in-field equipment paths and create routes and rows that generate greater farm profits.

Path Planning

  • Tweak input parameters
  • Visualize optimize path plans
  • Compare path plans

Growing Season Analysis

  • Modify path plans
  • Layering path plans
  • Evaluate dependencies

Field Slope Insight

  • Color code paths, by slope
  • Plan distance traveled, by slope
  • Slope categorization based on track angle

Compare Path Plans

  • Stand alone summaries
  • Compare multiple path plans
  • Calculate impact of equipment size on outcome

Path Plan Execution (Export)

  • Guidance line management
  • Adaptive Curves
  • Export all straight tracks

Product Language(s)

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Discover a Solution that Works for You


Plan and optimize your operations across every field.



Assess the impact of sustainable field operations to improve the financial return on your assets.

Equipment Dealer

Match the size and functionality of equipment to the scope and complexity of a particular farming operation.

Contract Operator

Plan in-field and inter-field operations to maximize the productivity of every hour.

Other OEM Users

John Deere Operations Center Users

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