As technology continues to transform all types of industries, there’s been an increasing trend in the adoption rate among those involved in the agriculture community. The second Green Revolution is happening now and in this three-part series we’ll discuss the boom of agriculture technology driven by the growing need at the farm level to save money and time without added complexity.

The implementation of IT in agricultural sectors and rural areas has been relatively slow. Most rural communities are still receiving internet services from tall towers equipped with wireless microwave site to site services or they rely on cellular network services. However, the monthly fees can be very costly and the speeds very slow.

Our good friend and neighbor, Canadian Fiber Optics, have a strategy to bring fiber optic connectivity to remote and rural areas. This is a key component for many farming communities to move forward with technology.

Every Canadian deserves access to high-speed internet connectivity.

In order to stay competitive in today’s business environment, constant connectivity and high-speed performance are essential backbones to success. Canadian Fiber Optics can provide high performing and low-cost consulting, design, engineering and construction services that enables fiber to be brought to otherwise unserviceable areas.

Empowering communities and farms with fiber connectivity increases the ability to work with your important data and reduces monthly fees. More importantly, increased capacity to connect rural communities allow these communities to grow their businesses through the power of data management and analytics. We all know there is value in data, but few take the time or know how to realize that value.

It’s time to connect to the future

Connecting your communities and businesses is only part of the equation. At Whipcord, we can help you harness the power of your data through the various products we provide:

  • Colocation services to keep your infrastructure safe
  • Cloud services to free you from the constraints of infrastructure
  • Back-up and replication to make sure your data isn’t lost
  • Network services to keep you connected to your data

Many businesses are only at the beginning of applying technology advancements in analytics, IoT, satellite, drone, robotic and other support technologies across the supply chain to help them grow. Agriculture is one of those industries which is evolving, and companies like Whipcord, are enabling agriculture to become more profitable.

At Whipcord, we’re focused on empowering the digital transformation of agriculture.

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