The True Value
of Path Planning

Until now, growers have not had the tools required to assess the economic impact of the movement of their machinery with regards to field efficiency and sustainability. How can the agricultural industry benefit from precision path planning tools like First Pass and Launch Pad, beyond the farm operation?

Find out how optimized path planning with Launch Pad will allow a grower to:

Have total control in optimized path planning using historical machine and field data.
Evaluate the impact of optimizing for seeding operations across in-season operations like application and harvest.
Have the ability to generate path plans for multiple fields at once, and push the updated routes to your machine’s OEM platform.

Any organization considering a move into various non-traditional pricing models, such as bundled offerings or outcome based pricing, can gain a distinct advantage in partnering with Verge, becoming fully entrenched at the forefront of the optimized farming frontier.

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