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How John Deere AutoPath and Launch Pad by Verge Work Together

How the two systems “harmonize and maximize” your farm operation


As precision agriculture technology continues to evolve, it should come as no surprise to see new entrants into the world of guidance line optimization. Modern farms are looking to create efficiencies, and equipment manufacturers are listening, which set the stage for John Deere’s AutoPath software coming into the market in late 2020. 

On the surface, AutoPath appears to be very similar to Verge’s Launch Pad operations planning software. Both systems create guidance lines that can sync across multiple machines in a field, taking the guesswork out of field operations.

However, there are striking differences between the two products, but those differences shouldn’t be seen as competing factors, in fact, quite the opposite. Launch Pad and AutoPath have the ability to work in harmony to increase productivity and profitability on a large scale farming operation. 

AutoPath begins its work in the first pass of a field, creating guidance lines for all passes that follow, no matter the John Deere machine type, width, or operation. Those secondary guidance lines allow additional field equipment, such as a strip till, sprayer, or harvester to make more accurate passes through the field.

As a result, AutoPath gives more accurate tillage, tailored sprayer guidance that keeps spray off of planted crops, and precise row locations for combine operators. 


So what’s the difference? 


Launch Pad can work across a multitude of brands while AutoPath is only effective if an operation is 100% exclusively John Deere and equipped with StarFire implement receivers on each piece of equipment.   

Launch Pad allows a farmer to plan and optimize all of their operations while AutoPath merely charts and tracks movement and guidance.  This is important as AutoPath doesn’t focus on efficiencies or create an optimized field route based on parameters entered by a manager.

In contrast, Launch Pad offers path planning for the entire farm’s growing season, with terrain modelling, and detailed movement data, with the ability to change equipment parameters , compare and visualize optimized path plans, and evaluate the impact of optimization. None of which are currently available under AutoPath. 

In addition to a multitude of other exclusive features, Launch Pad is the only path planning tool that gives accurate reports on time and distance savings.


Demo Video of Launch Pad




AutoPath and Launch Pad working together


Line optimization tools don’t have to be an “one or the other” proposition. By using Launch Pad to plan, create, simulate and adjust path plans before ever entering a field, AutoPath can then synchronize machine movement for every line and operation that follows. When operations have concluded, Launch Pad offers concrete data to further increase efficiencies in the following seasons and years.

To put it simply, Launch Pad plans the perfect field route, AutoPath puts it to use, and when the growing season is over, Launch Pad helps you to further optimize your routes so you can plan even better for next year.

If you’d like to talk to a member of our team about using Launch Pad and AutoPath together, or if you have questions about the differences between the two systems, our team is always ready to answer your questions. Reach out today to start a conversation.

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