You know your fields, we’re just here to help you reveal more profit and productivity from every acre. To help things go even smoother, we’ve developed a few “How To” videos below.

Path Planning

Create a Path Plan

Once your fields have been loaded into Launch Pad, create path plans by selecting a field and a season, adding your swath width, and managing the degree to which you’re driving the field. Name and save your plan to access for export.

Growth Season – Planning

Get ready for seeding by creating path plans specific to each field. Once your fields are loaded into Launch Pad, simply select the field and season you’d like to plan for. Once your path plan is saved, use our filter function to select seeding, application or harvest to view or export plans to equipment.

Sharing Path Plans

Multiple operators? Looking to share your path plans to mobile devices? Simply log in to Launch Pad, select the path plan you’d like to share in the ‘Plans’ menu and click ‘Share’. Launch Pad will generate a link that can be sent via email or text message to a mobile device.

Filtering Path Plans

Filter through several path plans by field or season. This way it is simple to select fields to compare, analyze, export or share with your team.

Compare Path Plans

Compare the outcomes of different path plans to calculate savings in distance traveled, time spent, number of tracks and other variables.

Export Path Plans

Export path plans to your equipment for any farming operation. File types that can be exported include: John Deere Operations Centre, JD Files, CNH CN1, ISO XML, Trimble and Generic Shape Files.


Store All Equipment

Once you’ve signed up for Launch Pad and imported your fields you’re ready to add your equipment. Find this function under ‘Menu’. Once added, each path plan will correspond to a particular equipment type. See our tutorial on how to assign equipment to each path plan.

Assign Equipment to Plan

Name the equipment you’re using for everypath plan and make it easier for operators to know which plans are for which equipment.

Exporting – Generic Files

Export Generic Shape Files easily. Similar to exporting any other file type, once you’ve created a path plan, simply select Generic SHP.

More about Launch Pad

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