Agriculture is among the oldest and most important industries in the world, serving the population globally by providing a basic necessity: food.

With this lengthy track record, the industry has seen many revolutions over time; from the agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution, which then, followed by the natural massive productivity boosts, farming is now right in the middle of the digital revolution.

Corn yields have increased more than 5x since the 1930’s, creating value for many stakeholders across the agriculture industry. The value has primarily accrued to major seed and chemical companies, while family farm financial positions have worsened. In 2018 Monsanto was sold for 63 billion USD, while at the same time USA farm cash incomes have not come close to their 2012 highs and farm debts continue to increase.

The Future of Agriculture is Now

With the challenges facing growers today, free markets will not allow price inflation in seed, chemical and equipment to continue. When we look to the future of agriculture, our industry has the opportunity for growers to make their existing assets more productive. Today these assets are data and information and, although growers have always had access to information, the addition of digital tools operating across the farm can allow farmers to capture more value.

Digital technologies and the Internet have empowered people to create new technologies across the globe. People can now create potentially transformational tools with only access to a computer. At Whipcord, we intend to create value across the farm by utilizing available data and information for technological advances, allowing producers to be more profitable and sustainable, on a global scale.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the digital revolution and take the next step in farming, request your no obligation cost savings estimate from me today!

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