How Technology Delivers Value Directly To Farmers


No industry is more durable or has more permanence than agriculture and at Verge we understand the substantial value technology delivers. For those reasons, we intend to build our agriculture products with farmers at the center, as we acknowledge their importance as stewards of the land.

When we look across the entire technology eco-system, and specifically in the agtech space, we frequently see companies that are developing technology just for the sake of creating new technology. However, at Verge, we’re a company that builds our products right on the farm, for farmers. Our intent is to be a company durable enough to add profitability and sustainability to our customers’ farm operations throughout the coming decades, while also continuously evolving to serve their ever-changing needs.

By definition, farming is a very difficult business; you’re buying retail and selling wholesale. Despite some farmers trying to brand based on local or internal characteristics, most farms are subject to the global markets of commodity prices. Then, throw in asset intensity, interest rates, foreign exchange and geopolitical trade tensions in addition to operating in the field and things become very difficult!

At Verge we have decades of farm experience, and so for us, it’s a moral obligation to make life easier and more profitable on the farm. It’s troubling to see suppliers be highly profitable and richly valued in a world of abundant food, while farmers are challenged to make ends meet.


Launch Pad’s Impact in the Field


Verge’s first product offering is the most natural and logical to help a farmer with: Route Optimization. With Launch Pad we offer farmers the opportunity to reduce in-field miles by 5-7%, reducing fuel, equipment and labor expenses a commensurate amount. First Pass is a product that solves a universal need to farmers that exists on every acre.

If you’re a farmer that’s interested in using technology to increase value by boosting your bottom line, request a Launch Pad cost savings demo today – no obligation. We’ll talk to you directly about your farming needs and how to better utilize your equipment!

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Reveal Greater Profit in Every Acre

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