Start seeing results with precision agriculture. See why we’ve partnered with Heartland GIS in the United States.

Verge continues to build partnerships around the world. Based out of Delaware Ohio, Heartland GIS has become the most recent distributor of Launch Pad powered by First Pass.

Calling it “Google Maps for tractors” doesn’t quite do Launch Pad justice, but it does frame up how the interface not only shows the optimal route to travel through a field, as well as gives the ability to alter routes based on many different factors, and show years over year as well as growing season routes via a layering tool.


What does this mean for producers in the US?

Modern precision agriculture and technology has often left out a key component in the path planning process. Existing GPS can show an operator the line from point A to point B, but it begs the question: where is point A, and is it the best place to start?

To connect directly with Heartland GIS for information on how to purchase Launch Pad, please call 740.707.9029.

Learn more about Verge's interactive web-based geospatial application.

What Verge’s partners
are saying

Neil Wagner

"Operations always trumps Agronomy". Following Agronomic practices can be complex with a lot of correlations required to monetize the benefits, but anybody who sits in the seat of a piece of equipment grasps the concept of path planning and how it benefits operations.  The first adoption of Digital Ag should be Path Planning. Launch Pad does just that.

Neil Wagner
AMR, CCA at Richardson Farms

Clay Mitchell

Path planning for agricultural field operations is a core activity that has a major impact on minimizing economic (fuel, inputs, and time) and environmental (emissions, soil erosion, and water run-off) costs for the farmer. The team at Verge are the first ones to develop a truly interactive web application that integrates all the complexities of path planning in an accessible way to drive farmer adoption. We believe this will be game changing for farmers.

Clay Mitchell
Managing Director of Fall Line Capital

Tecgraf Testi

As we looked to continue to grow with our customers and meet their evolving needs beyond our traditional markets of sugarcane and rice, we saw the need for a planning tool that was more intuitive and agile for the farmers. The team at Verge Ag and their Launch Pad software were right on the mark and so bringing our businesses together made perfect sense.

Director & Founder of Tecgraf

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