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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Absolutely not. We work with farms of all sizes.

Either by clicking on the sign-up button at the top of our website (which automatically links your John Deere Operations Center) or by logging into John Deere Operations Center and accessing More Tools or My Applications in your JD Ops account.

By clicking on the sign-up button at the top of our website and clicking “New User”.

Distance, Time, Elevation and Number of Turns. [add points re allows planning and the user to determine whatever is optimal for their situation]

Verge products focus on the optimization of a farmers existing equipment. It provides information when upgrading or changing equipment or farm size.

No, line sharing does not impact the efficiency of the field. However, using optimized guidance lines means all operators will have the same set of lines.

Yes, Launch Pad can be used for any piece of equipment even ones outside of planters, sprayers and combines.

Yes, Verge is the company, Launch Pad is the application, First Pass is the optimization algorithm.

It was the previously purchased algorithm Verge acquired in 2019. Since then, Verge has transitioned from basic optimized lines to full traffic planning.

Today’s equipment already has so much tech that it’s almost autonomous! Verge’s technology lets you take better advantage of that existing tech today.  And when machines are completely autonomous, it is Verge’s technology that will provide the operating plans to those driverless tractors so you can take advantage of those advancements on your farm as well.

Guidance Lines

We can push lines to your equipment through your John Deere Operations center or we can send a file to you which you would upload to your machinery (if you don’t have John Deere Link).

We can either send the lines through your OEM software (if applicable) otherwise, applicable files will be sent to you so that you can upload them by a USB.

Yes, to get the best optimized lines for your fields we need accurate boundary lines (based on GPS signal strength).

Boundary files that are used by multiple machines. These are GPS driven perimeter lines (not drawn on google earth).

Our lines are accurate, but the equipment may move based on the GPS system that you’re running: WAAS up to a 3 ft variance, RTK/SF3 is up to 3 inch.

Equipment and Technology

Current OEM GPS. No additional hardware or software is needed.

Yes, however the better the signal (RTK or better) the more accurate the guidance lines will be.

Yes, each piece of equipment receives their own set of files.

They reduce compaction, disease pressure and inefficiencies in the field.

With pre-planning the fields in Launch Pad, you won’t need to set up AB lines in the field, they are already generated when entering the field.

Using Launch Pad reduces the risk of operator error such as following AB lines or continually nudging them. This problem is solved because AB lines are preplanned.

The only thing we require is that they are GPS enabled.

If you are using proper lines and Launch Pad precision planning, in most cases, you won’t need to upgrade the size of your machinery.

Path Planning

Yes, it saves time from traditional methods and reduces inexperienced operator error

It helps to reduce soil and water movement in the field and provides equipment utilization when travelling.

To reduce redundant passes, to save time and to reduce capital expenditures.

It can be as quick as 20 minutes depending on the OEM.

Pricing and Features

First, locking in at a low rate has its benefits (saving $0.25/acre per year). Second, it allows you to compare current vs. past seasons. Third, it takes into consideration satellite drift that accumulates year-over-year. Fourth, added benefits without having to resubscribe.

Tender placement, Curve Track, Designated Row Crop.





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