Our Purpose
Verge is driven by a massive transformative purpose to accelerate the transition to autonomous farming.

What we do

At Verge Ag, we develop software that enables farmers to plan, simulate, and validate the movement of equipment in the field and execute field operations efficiently. We are the missing piece in the autonomous puzzle. We are developing a solution that helps farmers manage their land and equipment to efficiently and remotely execute field operations, enabling farming to be truly autonomous.

Operational Planning

Pre-plan all your field operations. Save time by reducing in-field decisions.

Compaction and Erosion

Evaluate the impact of soil compaction and erosion caused by wheel traffic.

Equipment Efficiency

Increase machine utilization rate, reduce idle time, and save fuel costs.

Historical Data Analysis

Continuously improve operations by comparing infield execution against plan.

Optimize Input

Evaluate the need and value of section control and save input costs.

Environmental Conditions

Complete field operations in a timely fashion for optimal growth and harvest.

Our product, Launch Pad, is the only interactive planning experience ever made. We have designed and developed a geospatial software to take farmers through a unique experience so that planning feels less like work and more like play.

Precision Farming Technology | Ryan Johnson's photo

ryan johnson

President & CEO


Chief Operating Officer

Karla ginter

Senior Vice President - Finance
Precision Farming Technology | Ryan Johnson's photo

Brian Meyer

SVP - Commercialization

Nick Morrow

SVP - Product Management

Celia Phaneuf

Director of People


Rida Khan

I started with Verge 2+ years ago as a Solutions Analyst and have enjoyed every minute. Looking back, I'm still in awe at the amount of support I received in finding my place at Verge, both professionally and personally. It didn't matter who or when I reached out with questions; my team always made time to answer them. Today, they continue to support my growth through learning and work opportunities and consider my ideas and feedback for improving our product. A career at Verge is full of options and adventures to choose your path.

Rida Khan
GIS Analyst

Masih Sadat

I have had the pleasure of working at Verge for a year and a half now. I started as a Junior Developer and was initially quite nervous, however found everyone to be welcoming, supportive, and helpful. Verge has given me the skills and experience needed to excel in the modern technological industry, while enjoying many perks, including a health spending account, working from home allowance, internet allowance, and assistance paying for learning opportunities. What I especially appreciate about working for Verge is that there is not any micro-management, everyone works together as a team, and recognition for hard work is often provided.

Masih Sadat
Software Developer

Keegan Osler

Verge is a truly exciting project that pushes the limits of agriculture technology and allows us as developers to challenge our strengths and knowledge-base. It’s invigorating, educational and fun to be working on something that has the ability to impact a global industry. This project has brought many very talented people together and I am very excited for the future here.

Keegan Osler
Software Developer

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